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2 days ago

This article raises a good point about how EAL students can struggle to socialise and the impact it can have on their motivation to engage with learning (and speaking) English. ... See more

How to Motivate New EAL Students - Council of British International Schools

4 days ago

Love this video and @TeachingIdeas ideas for cross-curricular learning #teachingideas #crosscurricular #lessonplanning ... See more

A boy is given a gift which changes how he feels about the world around him. Watch this delightful short film with your children and try some of our suggested teaching ideas and classroom activities.

6 days ago

Not sure about turning off the music yet, but something to think about? #k12 ... See more

Students may plead otherwise – but research shows that playing your favourite tunes while studying gets in the way of revision

1 week ago

More great ideas from Cult of Pedagogy on how to fill those times when the 'regular programming' isn't going to work #teachertips ... See more

When you're still technically in school, but the conditions just aren't great for teaching, what do you do to make the most of the time? Here's a list of ideas.

1 week ago

Check out these questions.....! Brilliant...