We're the world's only job board of our kind.
We offer schools a quick, simple and budget-friendly way to directly connect with teachers looking for short-term or casual international teaching vacancies.
By exclusively specialising in supply and short-term vacancies of up to 18 months, we make sure your advert attracts and reaches the teachers you want it to reach.
Our targeted service means your job posting will attract and reach the teachers you want it to reach.
With Supply Teachers on Tap, you never need to worry about spending hundreds (or thousands) to advertise your temporary or supply teaching vacancy.  
There is also no risk of your job getting lost amongst a sea of long-term positions and teachers looking for more permanent posts.
Go to Register/Login in the top right corner of any page, and select 'Register as a School' from the drop down menu that appears.
Complete the registration form and click the 'Register Account' button.
Your school is now all set and ready to go.
Registration is free. We never charge schools any money just to add you to our books and believe it should always be that way!
A single job advert is £59.
To post a job you can go to 'Schools' in the top right of any page and select 'Post a Job'.
After you have filled out the job posting form, you can preview and revise it before proceeding to the checkout area.
Select the option to upload a copy of your application form on the Post a Job page (under the School Information section, directly below the attach Logo field).
Yes... Soon
One of the services we'll offer schools in the future is the ability to search for teachers who are interested in supply or substitute teaching vacancies on our 'Find a Teacher' database.
If you'd like to be among the first to know when we launch this part of our service please pop us a message... we'll also send you a special discount code to say thank-you.
Editing a job advert is easy.
Make sure you're logged in, then go to 'Schools' in the top right of any page and select 'Manage Your Account'.
From 'Manage Your Account' click on the Listings button (it's the second one from the left, next to Post a Job).
When you go to your Listings page you'll see all of the jobs you've listed.
From here you can select an individual listing to:
  • edit the job details
  • view the job details
  • view the applications you’ve received
  • delete the listing
  • re-publish the listing
  • mark as the job filled
Our focus is on helping schools get the teaching support they need when, where, and for however long, they need it.
To make sure support is already on hand to cover the odd few sick days or sudden, unexpected staff absences, we encourage we to use our Find a Teacher database as resource to connect with teachers in your area. This can help you build up your own bank of local supply teachers.
You never know who you may discover is just around the corner.
Help is out there.
From our own experience of teaching and living abroad, we know there are plenty of teachers looking for international supply jobs.
One of the problems is that, because most teaching agencies deal with longer term international teaching vacancies, it's difficult for teachers to know where to look to find international supply teaching jobs.
Our goal is to change that.
We're working to continually spread the word that a specialised job board for international supply teaching now exists. But we're still growing and getting the news out there.
If you haven't found the supply teaching support you need yet, please let us know.
If it's the first time you've published the advert, we'll send you a discount code to republish it for another 28 days for free.
You can re-publish your job advert by logging in, going to 'Manage Your Account' and clicking on 'Listings'.
Find the individual listing, click the 'More' button (it's on the right side) and then click 'Republish'. Check or amend the details, if all is ok click 'Preview, check again, and then 'Publish Listing'.
Enter your discount code if you have one (enter the discount code just above the Pay by Visa/Master Card section) and then click 'Place Order'.
Tell us!
We're a growing company and are still (and will always be) learning.
If something isn't working like it should or like you expect please let us know so we can do our best to fix it and improve.
We promise there are real people here waiting to give you some one-on-one support.
Please do!
We're a growing company. It's always good to have a fresh ideas and consider things in new ways.
If you have any comments or suggestions we'd love you to tell us.