Depending on where you're from in the world you might know it as substitute, casual, relief, cover or temporary teaching.
Go to Register/Login in the top right corner of any page, and select 'Register as a Teacher' from the drop down menu that appears.
Complete the registration form and click the 'Register Account' button.
You're now all set and ready to go!
What now is up to you!
You could search and apply for jobs in the far (or not so far) flung destinations you've always dreamt of.
Or you could go to the Manage your Account dashboard and add your CV, edit your details, write a snappy professional profile or upload a lovely photo.
Whatever you choose we hope it leads you to Teach, Travel, Change.
Of course.
If you haven't already registered you'll need to do that first. Otherwise simply login.
When you find a job you're interested in, click on the link to open the job details.
Near the bottom of the page, next to 'Apply Online' you'll see an option to 'Bookmark'. Click the button and the job is automatically placed in your 'My Bookmarks' list that you can access from your Manage Your Account dashboard.
When you go to your My Bookmarks list you'll see all of the jobs you've saved along with their expiry date and status--active, expiring or expired.
We think international supply teaching can be a fantastic, life-changing opportunity for teachers at any point in their career. We encourage schools to accept applications from NQTs but ultimately the choice is theirs.
All of our job adverts say whether the vacancy is suitable for NQTs.
Posting your CV/Resume can improve your chances of getting a job.
Not all jobs are advertised on our jobs page. Some schools prefer to recruit by directly searching for teachers on our 'Find a Teacher' database.
Adding your details to the database will allow them to find you.
Once you have registered and logged in you can add your details to our Find a Teacher CV/Resume database by simply going to the Teachers menu at the top of the screen and selecting 'Manage My Account'.
Next, select the 'My Resume' button.
Check the Post CV/Resume box is ticked. (It's the sixth field down in the Account Information section).
If you haven't already, complete the 'Education' and 'Experience' sections. You can add more fields by clicking '(Add Education)' or '(Add Experience)'.
Click the grey update button at the bottom of the screen if you made any changes.
That's it! Registered schools looking for teachers can now find you.
Maybe you're the one they're looking for.
If you choose to post your CV/Resume in our Find a Teacher database, your details will be able to be viewed by schools that have registered with Supply Teachers on Tap.
If, at any point, you don't want registered schools to be able to view your CV/Resume in our Find a Teacher database, you can remove your details.
You can read more about your privacy and how we protect your information in our Data Protection and Privacy Policy.
We understand that, for whatever reason, you may no longer want registered schools to be able to view your CV/Resume.
If don't want your details to appear in our Find a Teacher database, after logging in go to the Teachers menu at the top of the screen and select 'Manage My Account'.
Next, select the 'My Resume' button.
Untick the Post CV/Resume box. (It's the sixth field down in the Account Information section).
Click the grey update button at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.
Your CV/Resume will no longer appear in the Find a Teacher database. A registered school will only be able to view your CV/Resume if you directly apply for one of their job vacancies.
You can add your details back on the Find a Teacher database at any time by re-ticking the Post CV/Resume box.
We created Supply Teachers on Tap because we want to make it easier for international schools to access the short-term help they need when (and where) they need it.
International schools struggle with staff absences and shortages just as much (or more) as state schools but they often have a much harder time finding the temporary help they need.
One of the reasons for this is cost.
We think it's a bad idea to charge schools 3 or 4 figures to advertise what could only be a 2 or 3 week supply teaching vacancy. We also think charging teachers any type of fee to help them find a short-term, temporary teaching job is just as unfair and detrimental.
By making Supply Teachers on Tap 100% free for teachers, our aim is to help improve the experience, standards and quality of international education for everyone.
Great question!
The answer may depend on a number of things like your current citizenship, location or visa status.
Discussions and answers about visas/work permits (and other issues like salary) are between you and the school.
Think of Supply Teachers on Tap as a matchmaker. We facilitate the connection, it's up to you and the school to work out the details and decide what happens next.
In legal jargon Supply Teachers on Tap: 'is not party to, nor shall be held liable for any contracts, transactions and/or agreements formed between you and them.' For more information please read our Terms and Conditions.
Tell us!
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If you spot a problem with our website or something isn't working like you expect please let us know so we can do our best to fix it and improve.
We promise there are real people here waiting to give you some one-on-one support.
Please do!
We're a growing company. It's always good to have a fresh ideas and consider things in new ways.
If you have any comments or suggestions we'd love you to tell us.